Goldschmidt - Single Origin Papua New Guinea Coffee 100% - 250g Whole Beans

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A specialty coffee from the Pacific! The "Jamaica Blue Mountain" from Papua New Guinea!

It is a powerful bean with rich aroma, low acidity and low caffeine content. Sweet notes of fruit, a hint of caramel perfectly round off this specialty.

End of the 19th Century, the seeds of the "Jamaica Blue Mountain" were smuggled to Papua New Guinea to grow this fantastic coffee plant in the highlands.

The same - some say better - climatic conditions as in Jamaica, as well as the volcanic, nutrient-rich soil, eventually led to this excellent coffee speciality.

This bean offers the coffee connoisseur a great synthesis of fruitiness, sweetness and full aroma with a hint of caramel.


This coffee is also perfectly suited for the preparation with your french press and for filter brewing.

Goldschmidt EU Bio LogoGoldschmidt Austria Bio GarantieThe beans are grown according to organic standards and certified by the European labels and the Austrian Organic Control Authority according to the EU-Eco-regulation standards.

About Kaffeerösterei Goldschmidt:

On his quest for higher quality coffee blends, as well as passion for the subject, Mr. Zach began roasting coffee himself. Over the years, the trained barista and coffee sommelier focused more and more on rare coffee varieties of the highest quality. The roasting is perfectly tailored to the individual regions, bringing the advantages and characteristics of each variety to wonderful effect.

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More Information
Shipping Weight [g] 300.000000
Manufacturer Goldschmidt
Size 250g
Arabica Ratio 100%
Intensity Mild
Roast Level Light
Preparation Method Coffee for Espresso Machines, Coffee for Drip Filter, Coffee for French Press
Sustainability & Health Organic, Fair Trade
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