Coffee Roasting

The next step towards "drinkable" coffee is the roasting of the raw coffee beans.

As with harvest and storage, this step further determines the quality and not last but not least the flavour of the coffee in our Cup. The roasting process brings forth the aroma and the taste. The green coffee bean has none of the characteristics of a roasted bean. It is rather soft and smells "green", almost a bit like grass.

Coffee roasting is an artform that requires far-reaching technical skill. Years of experience, the ability "to read" a bean to ensure perfect roasting, characterize the "masters" of this craft. We have summarised the main steps and methods for you.

What happens during coffee roasting and what is the difference between drum roasting and industrial roasting?

Light and dark roast - what difference does it make to the appearance, taste and properties of the coffee bean?

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