Caffè Latte

Caffè Latte


In Italy, like the cappuccino, the caffè latte is drunk mainly in the morning, the rest of Europe serves it regardless of the time of day!

Base drink for Caffè Latte

The base drink for the Caffè Latte is an espresso

Ingredients for Caffè Latte

Approximately 210ml milk

As with cappuccino, every type of milk can be used; in general, the higher the fat content of the milk, the better it foams and the better the flavor can be experienced.

Frothing the milk
Finished Caffè Latte

Preparation of Caffè Latte

  1. | Brew an espresso into the Caffè Latte glass or cup. If the Caffè latte glass is too high to brew the espresso directly into it, the espresso can also be brewed into a small jug.
  2. | Froth the milk (210ml) in a milk jug (about 60-65 degrees approx. hand warm, not too hot). Alternatively, a milk foamer can also be used.
  3. | The milk froth should be firm and creamy
  4. | Pour the milk into the cup or the glass and gently swirl the coffee and milk so that the flavors can blend. The Caffè Latte is also perfect for latte art
  5. | The milk foam should be about 5mm thick (about half of a cappuccino foam)

Coffee Recommendation for Caffè Latte

For caffè latte, we recommend to start with some stronger (darker) roasted blends to get more coffee taste in the milk.

If you do not already know any of our coffees, we recommend the following of our coffees for the Caffè Latte:

Caffè Grosmi Elite : this medium roast is perfectly balanced in the milk and remains subtly in the background.

Caffè Monforte Premium : one of our most popular coffees for cappuccino. In combination with the creamy milk, you will experience an almost chocolatey, sweet taste.

Caffè Castorino Extra : a dark roasted high-robusta blend, which is prominent in the Caffe Latte but not unpleasant. For those who prefer dominant coffee flavor in their Caffè Latte.

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