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The pressureless preparation of coffee with filter (drip brew) and French Press is experiencing a Renaissance.

Here you will find our coffees especially ground for the preparation with your French Press, Chemex and Filter coffee maker.

In our Coffee Guide we have put together tutorials, tips and tricks for these forms pressure less coffee brewing!


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  1. Caffe Agust Kaffee gemahlen für Filter, V60 und Chemex

    Caffe Agust - Filtrato - 100% Arabica pre ground for Filter, French Press

    Specialty coffee by Caffè Agust pre ground for the preparation with filter methods (French Press, V60, Chemex)! For all those who want to experience a sweet, fruity taste in your cup. Learn More
  2. Caffe Diemme gemahlen Espresso Kaffee für Espressokocher

    Caffe Diemme - Lungo - 100% Arabica - 250g ground for Filter, Chemex & V60


    The perfect coffee experience for the preparation with your Chemex, Filter or Vario V60!

    The blend of washed coffee from central america with one of the most important African coffee creates an infusion from floral and citrus flavour with fine notes of chocolate. This exceptional coffee combines the best characteristics of those specialty coffees!

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  3. Caffe Grosmi Arabica Espresso gemahlen für Espressokocher Bialetti

    Caffe Grosmi - 100% Arabica - 250g pre-ground for filter, french press


    A blend of the best 100% Arabica coffees from Central and South American cultures.

    The "Arabica" convinces with its sweet and fragrant aroma and an intense flavour.

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  4. Varesina Caffè - Plata 60% - Tabs 18 Stück

    Varesina Caffè - 80% Arabica - 250g preground coffee for French Press


    Caffe Varesina "Cream" - special ground for the use in your French Press!

    A blend of the best Arabicas with a part of fine Robusta beans resulting in a wonderfully elegant coffee.

    A soft and at the same time decisive taste with notes of marzipan distinguishes this noble variety!

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