The Cappuccino


In Italy, cappuccino is drunk mainly in the morning, the rest of Europe serves it regardless of the time of day!

Base drink for Cappuccino

The basis of the cappuccino is an espresso.


130 - 150ml of milk

Any kind of milk can be used. The higher the fat content of the milk, the better it foams and the taste experience gets well-rounded.

Extraction into the cappuccino cup
Dense milkfoam

Preparation of Cappuccino

  1. | Brew an espresso in the cappuccino cup
  2. | Froth the milk in a milk jug (about 60-65 degrees, not too hot). Alternatively use a milk frother
  3. | The milk froth should be firm and creamy
  4. | Pour the milk into the cappuccino cup so that the dark of the espresso is still visible at the edge
  5. | The foam should be about 1cm thick

Taste characteristics

The cappuccino is served warm and hot. The milk must not boil!

At the first sip, you should alreday taste the coffee aromas and get a well rounded taste experience.

Coffee recommendation for Cappuccino

If you do not know any of our coffees, we recommend the following coffees for the Cappuccino:

Caffè Monforte Premium

Caffè Monforte Premium

One of our most popular coffees for cappuccino. In combination with the creamy milk, you will experience an almost chocolatey, sweet taste.

Caffè Grosmi Elite

Caffè Grosmi Elite

This espresso blend is also a perfect choice for preparing a cappuccino where it unfolds a pleasant sweetness.

Caffè Diemme Aromatica

Caffè Diemme Aromatica

Slightly milder than the Monforte Premium, the "Aromatica" also perfectly blends with the milk and reminiscent of hazelnut.

Caffè Epos Apollo

Caffè Epos Apollo

This fancy espresso blend from Sicily gives the cappuccino a mild espresso note.

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