Pour-Over Filtration Brewing

The preparation of coffee by means of filter has experienced a kind of "boom" lately. All the while, the classic filter coffee machines have never completely disappeared from the households.

However, more and more baristas and coffee lovers have begun to search for the 'perfect' way to brew coffee with filter, which is much different to the well known drip brewers.

Coffee for the filter preparation

Usually a lighter roasted coffee is chosen, the origins of the beans depend on the personal taste preference and come from around the world.

Single origin beans of the highest quality are the prefered choice - coffee blends are rather uncommon for filter coffee,

Grind Level for Pour-Over coffee

A medium grind is selected for pour-over coffee brewing- coarser than espresso grind so that the water can flow through the coffee and filter.

You can judge the correct grindness by flow of the coffee - if it flows to quickly the coffee might taste "thin", if the flow is to slow the taste may be become bitter.

Amount of coffee for pour-over

For 125ml of water about 8 grams of coffee should be used. This is an approximate value: should you prefer the taste of your coffee with more or less you have not done anything wrong!

Pour-Over Filtration Brewing

The water should have between 92-96 °C.

Do you use an electric kettle? Allow the boiling water to cool down before you start the brewing process..

  1. | Presoak the filter and mug by taking the kettle off the heat and pouring boiling water over the filter. This will rinse out any persistent paper taste
  2. | Add and Distribute ground coffee evenly in the filter
  3. | Saturate the coffee with water: pour the water in a circular motion (from inside to outside) on the ground coffee.
  4. | Pour-over: like saturation - pour the remaining water in a circular motion over the coffee (not on the filter paper).
    Continue to pour until the water is about 1cm above the coffee.
  5. | Stirring: stir the coffee with a spoon to achieve a even penetration of coffee with water. Then:
  6. | Continue pouring: as in 4) until the water has completely penetrated the coffee and filter.
  7. | Enjoy your coffee!

Taste characteristics

Pour-over coffee is characterized by a clear, distinctive, sometimes even sweet taste. Depending on the preparation and type of bean, fruity and floral notes can be accentuated.

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