Caffè Lungo

Caffè Lungo


"Lungo" means "long" or extended and is essentially just an espresso with a longer coffee run time.

How to prepare a Caffè Lungo

The basis for the "Lungo" is the espresso, but the extraction time is lengthened, so that at the end you have about 50-70ml in the glass.

Extraction time: 50-60 seconds for approx. 50 to 70ml

The Lungo is characterized by less body and is generally more bitter than an espresso.

The reason for this is that through the longer extraction flavors are extracted, which are normally not extracted.

The more liquid runs through the ground coffee, the more bitter substances dissolve and the more "watery" the result becomes.

This is not necessarily seen as a "quality feature", but a part of personal taste.

Caffè Lungo
Caffè Lungo mit Wasser verlängert

Alternative preparation of the Caffè Lungo

In our experience, many coffee lovers order a "lungo" to have a slightly less intense "espresso" in the cup, which still contains the taste characteristics of the espresso.

If so desired, we would recommend a sort of hybrid between "Lungo" and " Americano ":

Prepare a normal espresso in a larger cup and extend it by the desired amount by adding hot water.

This allows you to retain all of the flavor characteristics of the espresso and "extend" them only with the amount of water added, without undesirable bittering substances.

Our Video for the preparation of the Caffè Lungo:

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