Karlsbad Coffee Maker

Brewing coffee without any foreign taste and enjoying the purest aroma – this can be obtained by using the Karlsbad method.
Without any filter paper or sieve attachment, the coffee maker gently detaches fat, oil, sugar and acids by its throughout glazed double strainer..

Coffee for the Karlsbad brewing method

Whole beans

Goldschmidt - Caribbean coffee blend - 100% Arabica: This coffee will excite you with its fantastic flavors and full-bodied taste.

Kaffeefabrik - Sidamo: The clear taste, almost completely free of roasting flavour: a great experience on your palate

We also offer Pre-ground coffee for the Karlsbad Coffee Maker.

Grind setting for the Karlsbad coffee maker

The coffee should be ground coarsely, roughly fine grain. So the flavors are evenly extracted and the coffee remains in the filter and does not enter into the cup.
Coffee quantity: 8-10 grams per cup are the usual amount of coffee, about 1.5 tablespoons

Brewing coffee with the Karlsbad coffee maker

Making coffee with the Karlsbad coffee maker

1. |

Place 8-10 grams per cup of coarsely ground coffee directly onto the porcelain double sieve in the upper container.
Making coffee with the Karlsbad coffee maker

2. |

Place the water dispenser on top and slowly pour on seething water. We recommend starting with a small amount of water, to moisten the ground coffee.
Now wait for 20-30 seconds, until the coffee swells. Then proceed with pouring the rest of the water.
Making coffee with the Karlsbad coffee maker

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The water now runs through the coffee powder and the double sieve into the pot below.
Making coffee with the Karlsbad coffee maker

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After brewing, remove the upper part and serve directly from the pot and enjoy a wonderful, aromatic cup of coffee
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