The Italian Espresso

In contrast to single-variety coffee (or "Single Origins") Italian espresso roasts are typically blends (mixtures) of different beans.

This blending results in the the typical bouquet of the espresso, depending on bean type, proportion of bean variety and roast level.

Blending can be done before or after the roasting. Usually the blending of the different raw bean varieties is done before and then roasted together.

An exception is for example the Antica Tostatura Triestina, which is blended only after the roasting process and each bean variety is roasted separately.

Espresso Blends allow a constant quality level, as the roaster gains a certain amount of independence from special beans and the harvest quality.

To roast espresso blends requires a lot of experience, knowledge and skill. Selecting the right beans, achieving the perfect harmony in taste and keeping to the desired quality.

A real form of art, which has been perfected by the italian espresso roasters.

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