Der Americano


For visitors from America, the European espresso was too strong, so it was simply diluted with hot water to meet their taste.

How to prepare an Americano

The base of the Americano is a double espresso which is brewed in to a cappuccino cup.

1. Brew a double espresso into a cappuccino cup

2. Carefully add hot water. The water quantity is not really defined, but usually it takes four parts water on one part espresso.

For a double espresso (50ml) as the base, that would be the 200ml hot water

Of course, you can also use a single espresso as base and extend it with correspondingly less water

Coffee recommendation for the Americano

Basically, every coffee is "suitable" for a Americano, in order to satisfy the aim of a milder coffee experience with nevertheless intense taste, we would recommend the following coffees to start:

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