French Press

Brewing guide - French Press

This method of coffee preparation was already applied for patent by two frenchmen (Mayer and Delforge).

In 1929 the design was significantly improved by the Italian Attilia Calimani and gave the French press the form and design that has been maintained until today.

Coffee for Frenchpress

There is not one specific type of bean especially suited for this kind of coffee preparation. Depending on your preferences, aroma and taste of the chosen bean is beautifully developped when brewed with the french press.

In most cases, however, it is recommend using a lighter to medium roast with a high proportion of Arabica, 100% Arabica blends or single origins.

Coffees that we can recommend and enjoy: Caffe Varesina Top (intense taste, balanced aroma).

Grind level for French Press

The grindness for French press is coarse (coarser then for e.g. Drip Brew , a bit like sea salt)

Coffee grind level for French Press | Coarse

Amount of coffee

For the preparation of 1 Liter we recommend approx. 60g of ground coffee - 8 table spoons (7,5g per spoon).

This specifications should be seen as a rough guidance, depending on personal taste and type of coffee bean.

Best you try different doses and let yourself be surprised by the (positive) results !

Brewing Coffee with the Frenchpress

Brewing guide - French Press - ground coffee

1. | Grind your coffee

If possible use freshly ground coffee
Brewing guide - French Press - fill coffee

2. | Fill the French Press

Fill the appropriate amount of coffee in your French press
Brewing guide - French Press - pre heat water

3. | Pre-Heat water

Brewing guide - French Press - pour water

4. | Pour water

Now, pour hot, but not boiling, water in a circular motion on the coffee. The ideal water temperature is between 93 and 97 ° C. (Try different temperatures for the same coffee and let yourself be surprised by the results!).
Brewing guide - French Press - stir

5. | Stir

Stir the coffee so that it is evenly penetrated (and extracted).
Brewing guide - French Press - brew

6. | Close it up

Put on the top of the French Press.
Brewing guide - French Press - brew

7. | Let the coffee sit

Let the coffee brew between 3 (mild) and 5 minutes (strong). Put the top on the french press withoutt pressing it down.
Brewing guide - French Press - extract

8. | Press coffee

After your chosen brew time: push the press slowly and evenly down
Brewing guide - French Press - serve

9. | Enjoy

Serve and enjoy your coffee!
CAUTION: Should you not serve all the coffee at once: Pour the coffee into a carafe immediately to avoid over extraction and your coffee starts to taste bitter.

French Press Taste characteristics

French press coffee is characterized by a stronger taste and, unlike filter coffee where the coffee oils remain in the filter, more aroma and body.

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  1. Bialetti French Press 3 Tassen 350ml

    Bialetti French Press for 3 Cups (350ml)


    Stylish elegant French Press of Bialetti!

    High quality workmanship for the best coffee experience! 350ml capacity with the French press from Bialetti for about 3 cups of coffee.

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  2. Bialetti French Press 8 Cups 1 Liter

    Bialetti French Press for 8 Cups (1 Liter)


    Stylish elegant French Press of Bialetti!

    High quality workmanship for the best coffee experience! 350ml capacity with the French press from Bialetti for about 8 cups of coffee.

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  3. Caffe Diemme gemahlen Espresso Kaffee für Espressokocher

    Caffe Diemme - Lungo - 100% Arabica - 250g ground for Filter, Chemex & V60


    The perfect coffee experience for the preparation with your Chemex, Filter or Vario V60!

    The blend of washed coffee from central america with one of the most important African coffee creates an infusion from floral and citrus flavour with fine notes of chocolate. This exceptional coffee combines the best characteristics of those specialty coffees!

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  4. Goldschmidt - Single Origin - Papua Neu Guinea - Kaffee 100% - 250g Bohnen

    Kaffeefabrik - Sidamo (Sidama Dara) - Single Origin Direct Trade - 250g beans


    A fine coffee, perfect for preparing with filter and french press!

    French Press and filter enthusiasts will be convinced by the typical floral aromas and a medium-sized, slightly sweet body.

    The clear taste, almost completely free of roasting flavour: a great experience on your palate !

    The Sidamo originates from the Shilicho Cooperative (Ethiopia), which is certified both organic and fair trade and directly imported from the Kaffeefabrik (Direct Trade).

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  5. Varesina Caffè - Plata 60% - Tabs 18 Stück

    Varesina Caffè - 80% Arabica - 250g preground coffee for French Press


    Caffe Varesina "Cream" - special ground for the use in your French Press!

    A blend of the best Arabicas with a part of fine Robusta beans resulting in a wonderfully elegant coffee.

    A soft and at the same time decisive taste with notes of marzipan distinguishes this noble variety!

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