Espresso Tonic

Der Espresso Tonic


Besides the Shakerato and the Affogato, there is another great way to freshen up with a cold espresso: the espresso tonic! The idea behind the trendy beverage comes from barista competitions where the strong aroma of the espresso was combined with the freshness of tonic water for the first time.

Preparation of the Espresso Tonic

The preparation of the espresso tonic is very simple, the following ingredients are needed:

  • A longdrink glass
  • Ice cubes to fill the glass
  • Tonic water (approx. 180ml)
  • Double espresso (approx. 50-60ml)

And this is how you prepare the Espresso Tonic:

  1. | Fill the longdrink glass with the ice cubes
  2. | Fill Tonic Water into the glass. Make sure you leave enough room for the espresso
  3. | Prepare a double espresso
  4. | Allow the espresso to slide slowly over the ice cubes into the glass. Thus the two liquids stay separated, which gives a great look! A latte macchiato jug is suitable as a dispenser for the espresso

Enjoy your Espresso Tonic!

Coffee recommendation for Espresso Tonic

In principle, each of our Italian coffees is suitable for the Espresso Tonic. Here are a few recommendations to start:

Caffè Altamura Gold

Caffè Altamura Gold

This dark 100% arabica blend unfolds its strong aroma even in a cool state

Caffè Grosmi Elite

Caffè Grosmi Elite

This espresso from Sacile dominates flavor in the milk and is perfect for those who prefer a strong coffee character in the foreground.

Beans Passione

Beans Passione

Passione maintains its vanilla notes even when chilled.

Caffè Kenon Supermax Bar

Kenon Supermax Bar

The Supermax Bar convinces with a clear aroma in the Espresso Tonic.

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