Der Shakerato


Italy's response to the iced coffee is the Shakerato. A popular drink for refreshment in many places! If you order a Shakerato at the bar in Italy, pay attention to the pronunciation: the first A is not used as in English "a" but is actually pronounced "a"!

Preparation of the Shakerato

The preparation is very simple, all you need is:

A shaker, ice cubes, fine sugar or syrup and a double espresso

  1. | Cool the shaker in the freezer compartment
  2. | Fill the Shaker with ice cubes
  3. | Prepare a double espresso (50-60ml)
  4. | Fill the espresso in the Shaker
  5. | Add 1-2 teaspoons of sugar or syrup
  6. | Close the shaker, shake vigorously (15-30sek. to get the crema)
  7. | Open the Shaker and pour the espresso into a cocktail glass. Use a sieve to hold the ice cubes back.

Enjoy your Shakerato!


Coffee recommendations for Shakerato

Basically, any of our Italian espresso varieties is suitable for a "shakerato". Here are a few recommendations:

Caffè Altamura Gold

Caffè Altamura Gold

This dark 100% arabica blend unfolds its strong aroma even in a cool state and harmonizes very well with the sweetness of the sugar

Beans Passione

Beans Passione

Passione maintains its vanilla notes even when chilled.

Caffè Kenon Supermax Bar

Kenon Supermax Bar

The Supermax Bar convinces with a clear aroma in the Shakerato.

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