Zwickel - Zege forest grown coffee from Ethiopia - 250g beans

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Forest grown coffee from the Ethiopian Zege peninsula!

A special taste experience for every coffee lover!
Only small quantities available.

A special taste experience for every coffee lover!

The coffee of the peninsula Zege is mainly cultivated for the local market, for tourists and the own needs.
Coffee is, if at all, sporadically exported and only when the coffee needs by the locals and visitors have been met.

Then the raw coffee is collected from the whole island and processed together in a cooperative for export.

Zwickl Kaffee visited the peninsula Zege at the turn of the year 2015/16, was immediately impressed by the quality of this coffee, and has now added it to the program! Due to these special conditions, the coffee is only available in small quantities.

The Zege forest grown coffee is characterized by a little more fruitiness than the organic wild coffee from Zwickel.
A full body with pleasant spices perfectly complements the overall taste.

We recommend the Zege forest coffee for the preparation as filter coffee, french press and espresso (mild, fruity, elegant).

The peninsula Zege is only about 5x3 km large and is densely forested. Coffee has already been growing since ancient times, the legend says that the monks brought the coffee to the island in the 14th century.

About Zwickel Coffee:
For over 200 years the deep connection to the nature and agriculture of the Zwickelstorfer family exists. A passion characterized by fundamental values ​​of consistency, authenticity, openness and uniqueness.
The coffee is gently roasted in small batches in the traditional drum roaster and brings out the unique aroma of this particular coffee to the fullest.

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More Information
Shipping Weight [g] 300.000000
Manufacturer Zwickel
Size 250g
Arabica Ratio 100%
Intensity Mild
Roast Level Light
Preparation Method Coffee for Espresso Machines, Coffee for Drip Filter, Coffee for French Press
Sustainability & Health Organic, Fair Trade


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