Organic Wild Coffee from Ethiopia - 500g whole beans

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A coffee as a sign of hospitality - you have to take your time for this treat!

In Ethiopia, the home of the coffee, the coffee ceremony is something special. The aroma of coffee beans and the unique taste of coffee is an experience for all the senses.

Ethiopian wild coffee brings this experience to your home - with its spicy aroma, hints of dark chocolate and its very subtle acidity.

The wild grown beans of highest quality originate from the Kafa Biosphere and are exclusively harvested by hand and then sun-dried.

EU Bio LogoThis coffee is traded fair and organic certified!

Take your time for this coffee!

We have been immediatly enchanted by this ethiopian wild coffee from Kaffee Zwickel.

The first sip is surprisingly spicy without being intrusive and gradually unfolds its flavor on the palate.

Almost a little sweet, the flavor of chocolate unfolds and it remains a wonderful aftertaste that emphasizes the round body of this coffee.

The medium roast keeps all taste qualities in balance and develops them to their greatest advantage. A coffee that should be enjoyed and shared with friends!

EU Bio LogoThis coffee is traded fair and organic certified!

About Zwickel Coffee:
For over 200 years the deep connection to the nature and agriculture of the Zwickelstorfer family exists. A passion characterized by fundamental values ​​of consistency, authenticity, openness and uniqueness.
The coffee is gently roasted in small batches in the traditional drum roaster and brings out the unique aroma of this particular coffee to the fullest.

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More Information
Shipping Weight [g] 600.000000
Manufacturer Zwickel
Size 500g
Arabica Ratio 100%
Intensity Balanced
Roast Level Light
Preparation Method Coffee for Espresso Machines
Sustainability & Health Organic, Fair Trade
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