Chemex Classic Coffeemaker - 6 Cups

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The Chemex - for the perfect filter coffee!

The Chemex is regarded as one of the best designed products of modern times and is an integral part of the exhibition at the Museum of modern art in New York.
The taste experience is exceptional - not without reason the Chemex is considered as the ultimate method of filter coffee preparation and one of the preferred methods of preparation at coffee tasting championships in the "pour over" category.

The Chemex coffeemaker was invented in 1941 by the German chemist and inventor Peter Schlumbohm and is still being manufactured in its traditional form until today.
Besides the unique design, it is the perfect coffee experience that has made the Chemex one of the most popular coffeemakers.

Peter Schlumbohm - a passionate coffee drinker - combined his lab experiences with his desire to offer of the perfect method for filter coffeemaking in the Chemex.

"...a synthesis of logic and madness."

...called Ralph Caplan, a respected Designer, the invention of Peter Schlumbohm. As a doctor of chemistry, Schlumbohm was familiar with the laboratory equipment and methods of filtration and extraction.
He applied this knowledge in the design of the Chemex. He examined his laboratory glas funnels and Erlenmeyer flasks and modified them step by step.

The laboratory funnel was supplemented by adding a "air channel" and a pouring spout.
The air channel ensures that the air, which is being displaced in the Chemex by the liquid, can escape past the filter paper.
To the wall of the Erlenmeyer flask, he added a protrusion that looks like a bubble - coffee fans affectionately call this the "belly button". It serves as a measuring mark indicating the half of volume of the flask.

Peter Schlumbohm now combinded these two modified parts and added the distinctive wooden handle and thus created the perfect symbiosis: the Chemex.

The Chemex is regarded as one of the best designed products of modern times and is an integral part of the exhibition at the museum of modern art in New York.

All what is required now to brew the coffee is coffee, hot water and filter paper.

Perfect coffee experience

The coffee preparation with the Chemex is simple - put the coffee filter into the top of the Chemex, add coffee and then pour hot (not boiling) water over the coffee.

After the extraction the filter can be easily disposed of and the coffee poured directly from the Chemex into your cup.

The wooden handle ensures a firm grip and the pouring sprout and air channel facilitates the serving in your cup.
Depending on the type of coffee you will enjoy a clear, distinctive taste that is almost free of unpleasant bitter flavors.

Recommended Coffees

In particular, we recommend the following coffees:

Kaffeefabrik Sidamo - clean round taste, floral aroma, a pleasant coffee

Varesina French Press - intense flavour, slightly smoky - for a stronger cup

Cleaning and care

The Chemex is heat-resistant, thick-walled glass jug and (after the wood has been removed) can easily be washed in the dishwasher.

The thick-walled glass ensures that even small vibrations do not harm the coffeemaker

Please keep in mind that the filter paper is not included in the delivery . Please click here for the matching filter.


Height: 21.6 cm Diameter: 13cm Weight: 700 g

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