Hario V60 01 300ml Coffee Dripper Ceramic White

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Perfect filter coffee with the evolution of the classic hand filter!

The Hario V60 01 is perfect for preparing 1-2 cups of coffee (300ml).

The V60 coffee Dripper is the evolution of the classic hand filter made of porcelain.

The size 01 is suitable for the preparation of up to 300ml coffee, 1-2 cups.

Thanks to the large opening in the bottom of the filter, the brewing time can be controlled by means of the degree of grinding of the coffee as well as by the pouring technique.
The rotationally symmetrical conical shape of the filter allows a uniform brewing process whereby the taste of the brewing result can be specifically influenced.

Due to the pronounced curving ribs on the inside of the hand filter, the filter paper is efficiently kept away from the wall.

The V60 Coffee Dripper is suitable for users who prefer a clear aroma profile with a light body without coffee grounds in the brewing result.

Filter coffee preparation

A description of the coffee preparation with filter can be found here.

Coffee for filter preparation

Basically, coffee is a matter of personal taste! To get you started in this form of preparation or to try new varieties, we would recommend the following coffees:

Kaffeefabrik Sidamo - clean round taste, floral aroma, a pleasant coffee

Varesina French Press - intense flavour, slightly smoky - for a stronger cup

Filter paper for the Hario V60 01

Hario V60 serving pot

Weight: 334 grams
Length: 110 mm
Width: 107 mm
Height: 98 mm

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