Caffè Salimbene - Caffetteria 100% Arabica - 250g Ground Coffee

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The perfect espresso blend for purists! Fruity aromas, sweetness and a creaminess are the characteristics of this mixture of full body and lingering taste on the palate.

The coffee is specially ground for your moka pot.

The caffetteria blend is just right for coffee purists and consists of five different types of beans from Central and South America and Ethiopia.

The intense aroma of this blend is accompanied by a slightly fruity flavor and a touch of myrtle.

What makes this blend special is the balance between the full-body and persistent flavor on your palate.

The low caffeine content of less than 2% additionally invites you to enjoy the taste experience again and again.

Caffe Salimbene was founded in 1933 by Gennaro Salimben in Naples. The expertise regarding the flavors of coffee and knowledge about roasting the perfect espresso now lives on in its third generation and stands for the original tradition of the neapolitan espresso.

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More Information
Shipping Weight [g] 400.000000
Manufacturer Salimbene
Size 250g
Arabica Ratio 100%
Intensity Strong
Roast Level Dark
Preparation Method Coffee for Moka Pots
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