New York - Kaffee Espresso 80% - 18 Pods

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A medium-bodied coffee with excellent Crema and lasting aroma!

A medium-bodied coffee with excellent crema and lasting aroma!

This blend consists of the best beans from the regions of Central America and was awarded by the “Gourmet magazine”.


About Caffè New York

Everything started in 1930 with the Liberty style Bar in Corso Roma founded by "sor" Ugo Incerpi, in Montecatini Terme, an internationally famous meeting point.>

Caffè New York is still operating thanks to the consolidation and development wisely passed down to his children and, today, to his grandchildren.

So every time you taste a cup of Caffè New York coffee, close your eyes and think that it contains 80 years of history. Caffè New York a coffee that is genuine and sincere just like the Tuscan character.

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More Information
Shipping Weight [g] 250.000000
Manufacturer New York
Size 18 Pods
Arabica Ratio 80%
Intensity Balanced
Roast Level Medium
Preparation Method Coffee for Pod Machines
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