Caffè Passalacqua - Harem - 100% Arabica (with Jamaica Blue Mountain) - 250g Ground Coffee

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The premium blend of the Neapolitan Passalacqua! Exquisite taste, distinctive flavor - a perfect espresso!

This grind is specially suited for Moka Pots

The blend of Passalacqua harem shines through the use of the finest beans - including the rare Jamaican Blue Mountain - and particularly careful roasting.

This results in the varied and pleasant fruit flavors which unfold themselves on the palate.

The low acidity of this 100% Arabica blend is another reason why the "harem" is often referred to as the "flagship" of Passalacqua.

This grind is specially suited for Moka Pots

The story Passalacquas begins in 1948 with a small 5 kg-coffee roaster and Passion and enthusiasm for coffee. Passalacqua is being run in the third generation and continues to be a representative and guardian of the best tradition of the Neapolitan coffee.

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More Information
Shipping Weight [g] 400.000000
Manufacturer Passalacqua
Size 250g
Arabica Ratio 100%
Intensity Balanced
Roast Level Dark
Preparation Method Coffee for Moka Pots
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