Caffè River - Espresso Spoon "FLEXO"

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Exclusive design for the extraordinary coffee experience!

The "Flexo" was specially designed for Caffè River and reflects their passion for enjoyment.

There is a lot to discover beyond coffee: The love of detail creates a whole new experience. Forms and colours, materials and surfaces are able to reinforce perceptions and emotions.

A product of excellent quality should be consumed with tools of equal value. The "coffee experience", combined with a similar style experience, becomes a ritual.

For this reason, Caffè River has started a series of collaborations with renowned designers to create these extraordinary products that make the coffee experience unique.

The "Flexo" was designed by Marina Bologni and synthesizes the functional properties of the spoon, improves its sensory and ergonomic aspects and conveys a more appealing sensory experience.

Its soft shape is reminiscent of a "little tongue" that creeps into the cup and captures its flavours and aromas.

The element that comes into contact with the hand loses its stiffness as if the warmth of the hand had changed the hardness properties of the material (steel) and corresponds to the way it is used: The fingers immediately find their optimal position for use.

Its winding profile synthetically simulates the heat coming from the coffee and guides it out of the cup itself. The lower part is just curved to follow the curves inside the cup to finally catch the sweetened crema that remains on the bottom.

The soft shape of the top allows the spoon to be placed directly on the cup and saucer.

Polished stainless steel

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