Caffe Agust - Elegante - 85% Arabica - 500g whole beans

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Particularly well-balanced having a mild and aromatic taste, with distinctive aromas of flowers, dried fruit, delicate chocolate and exquisite bakery. Its excellent body is suitable for refined palates in search of superior quality.

The beans of this espresso blend are certified by the CSC ® Caffè Speciali Certificati, which guarantees the high quality of this exquisite coffee.

The "Elegant" by Caffè Agust gives credit to his name: a slightly sweet, fruity aroma will greet the espresso enthusiast.

The taste of this balanced coffee distinguishes itself by its delicate chocolate notes and a fine, balanced, pleasant acidity.

The gentle drum roasting and the CSC certified beans of highest quality prevent any unpleasant bitterness in your cup.
An extremely fine, balanced espresso for those who enjoy the taste of an elegant coffee!

As cappuccino, this blend keeps itself discreetly in the background and convinces through a well rounded, chocolate like taste experience.

Ideal for those who want to enjoy a mild, balanced espresso!

The beans of this espresso blend originate from the following cooperatives to which Caffè Agust maintains personal contact. So, in addition to high-quality, also a fair price level is ensured:

  • Brazil Sul de Minas Capoeirinha
  • El Salvador La Libertad San Louis
  • Guatemala Santa Rosa El Hato Blu
  • India plantation Kodagu Fairland
  • India parchment Anamalais Mananboli

CSC - certified beans

The beans of this blend have to go through two selection procedures. The first in the countries of origin and the second done by the roasters locally, via an optical-electronic grading machine, which rejects those beans lighter or darker which could affect the coffee taste in the cup. A guarantee for perseverance in having positive results..

Caffè Agust was founded in 1956 in Brescia, the family business now continues the passion and love for coffee in its third generation.
The blends of Caffè Agust ensure the highest standards of coffee lovers - clearer, balanced taste of high-quality!

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More Information
Shipping Weight [g] 1100.000000
Manufacturer Agust
Size 500g
Arabica Ratio 85%
Intensity Mild
Roast Level Medium
Preparation Method Coffee for Espresso Machines, Coffee for Moka Pots
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