Epos Caffè - Efesto - 18 ESE Pods

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A strong, intense espresso from Sicily! Gorgeous body and dense volume will please all lovers of southern Italian espresso culture!

Efesto - "Hephaestus", the God of Fire - is the name giver of this intense Sicilian espresso blend! This dark roasting is typical of the southern Italian interpretation of the espresso: almost completely free of acidity, creamy like a chocolate pudding.

The high proportion of high-quality robusta beans conjures a dense crema into the cup and makes "Efesto" one of our strongest espresso mixes!

More Information
Shipping Weight [g] 280.000000
Manufacturer Epos
Size 18 Pods
Arabica Ratio 10%
Intensity Balanced
Roast Level Light
Preparation Method Coffee for Pod Machines
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