Caffè Cokito Silver - 18 Stk ESE Pads

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A newly interpreted espresso that comes from the old Neapolitan tradition!

Typical southern Italian dark roast, balanced intensity with hazelnut-brown crema and accentuated body.

An espresso blend consisting mainly of the finest Arabica coffees (30%) from Brazilian plantations and the best combinations of Asian and African Robusta varieties (70%).
This skillful combination of different Arabica and Robusta qualities gives the "Silver" a unique sensory experience for an espresso with intense aroma and flavour.
Its exciting taste of dark chocolate, toasted bread and dried fruit leaves a pleasant aftertaste.

The "Silver" is somewhat more balanced in intensity than the "Gold" from Cokito and impresses with a more pronounced creaminess.

Cokito is a family business from Matera, in the very south of Italy and is now in the second generation. The beans come exclusively from the best growing areas and are gently processed in the drum roaster.

Here you can find all varieties of Caffè Cokito

More Information
Shipping Weight [g] 280.000000
Manufacturer Cokito
Size 18 Pods
Arabica Ratio 30%
Intensity Strong
Roast Level Dark
Preparation Method Coffee for Pod Machines
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